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Message to Bidders / Suppliers on E-Procurement

BDL, a 'MiniRatna' Public Sector Undertaking under the Ministry of Defence has implemented e-Procurement system across the Company, w.e.f. 1st October, 2011 with the following objectives:

·         To bring more transparency in the procurement system.

·         To provide centralized unified platform for vendor registration.

·         To facilitate faster decision making.

·         To provide opportunity for wider participation.

·         To make submission of the Bids by the Bidders / suppliers easier.

·         To facilitate on-line provision of addendums and changes to the tender documents to 
 bidders / suppliers.

·         To attract wider choice of suppliers.

·         To get more competitive prices and increased price comparison.

·         To save in cost of bidding. 

BDL has taken special care to ensure highest level of security in e-Procurement portal through our e-Procurement Service Provider, M/s.ETL, Ahmedabad (Abc Procure). The e-Procurement link may be visited through BDL website http://bdl.ap.nic.in → Tenders → Open Tenders or   https://bdltenders.abcprocure.com/

New Bidder Registration:  Bidders may note that they are required to register themselves to obtain a unique Login Id and Password which can be used for e-procurement activities of BDL. This is a onetime registration in this portal. Bidder's are requested to send their login id to bdldgmcc-ap@bdl.gov.in for approval.

Bidder User Manual is made available through BDL website http://bdl.ap.nic.in → e-Procurement → Instructions and Manuals to facilitate Bidders to be conversant with process of bidding.

A Free Help Desk exclusively for Bidders participating in BDL tenders is being operated by the Service Provider with free of charge.  If at any point of time, the bidders / suppliers requires assistance they may contact the  service provider as per contact details given below.

-   Mr. Pradip - pradip@abcprocure.com

    Mobile : 09328657215

-               Phone Nos. 079-40016 877/ 860 / 861 / 863 / 864 / 867 / 868 / 800

The vendor may contact BDL through e-mail : bdldgmcc-ap@bdl.gov.in for any further clarifications.



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