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Milan 2T

This is a second generation, semi-automatic, tube launched, optically tracked missiles with tandem warhead.

High reliability and accuracy.

Man portable.

Konkurs - M

This is a second generation, semiautomatic, antitank, tube launched, optically tracked, wire guided and aero-dynamically controlled missile.

It is designed to destroy moving and stationary armored targets with Explosives Reactive Armours at a range of 75 to 4000 meters.

Salient Features:
Can be launched either from BMP-II or from ground launcher. Tandem Warhead Simple in operation and immune to Electronic Counter measures High hit and kill probability Portable and Para droppable.
Hermetically sealed ensuring long storage life.



Invar is weapon fired from the Gun barrel of T 90 Tank. The missile has a semi-automatic control system, tele orienting in the laser beam.
This is high velocity jamming immune  missile with tandem warhead designed to defeat explosive reactive armor. Intended to destroy stationary and moving targets with speeds up to 70Km/hr.



It is a medium range surface-to-air missile.

It has Multiple target tracking capability.



Advanced Light Weight Torpedo

 Can be launched from a Ship or a Helicopter.
 Available as both war shot / exercise modes.
 Homing can be passive / active / mixed modes
 Multiple search pattern capability.

Torpedo Counter Measure System (C303)

C-303 decoy system is torpedo counter measure system for submarine, effective against any type of LWT (Light Weight Torpedo)

Counter Measures Dispensing System (CMDS)

Measures Dispensing System (CMDS) is state of the art chaff and flare dispensing system. CMDS is an airborne defensive system providing self-protection to the aircraft by passive ECM against radar guided & IR seeking, air & ground launched missiles. Protection to the aircraft is achieved by misguiding the missiles by dispensing of chaff and/or flare payloads.

Infra Red Interference Indicator (IRII)

The in house developed equipment is to detect any IR interference in the field of view of launcher prior to firing of the missile.

BDL has received orders for 985 units from M/s ELOP , Israel, during Aug 04 and were supplied.

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